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Last night I attended this show put on by my school’s LGBT association for Sister Spit.

Sister Spit: A band of queer, feminist artists who express their works through spoken word and performance art. 

They shared to us through the portfolio that they prepared- ranging from their novels to their artwork to arrangements that they sang to us!-  and it was phenomenal. It was hilarious and so insightful and beautiful. So glad I went. 

I found Ali Liebegott strangely attractive(though she was clearly my senior!!). She was so confident and hilarious, and I enjoyed her reading of her book so much I bought myself a copy. But what I was feeling was a feeling of admiration rather than attraction as I easily get those two mixed up. 

My souvenirs conclude of Liebegott’s book (which encloses her signature as well as her everlasting hugs and kisses), pins from the artist/writer Cristy Roads, and this gorgeous sticker of Dave End’s face.  

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