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John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)

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Danielle Brooks & Samira Wiley on Celebrity Girl Crushes

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Fuck. I want her.

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"I don’t approve."

"…and I just sank back. She’s such a beautiful girl… why is she gay?"

"It’s fine if you’re gay. But if you are don’t ever come back to visit me again, not even when I’m dying. I don’t want anything to do with you."
I am so incredibly tired of people thinking that my sexual orientation changes me. That suddenly I’m a waste of a “beautiful person” or that it’s a shame or that it should be something that I should hide. 
I am just so damn tired of it.
Ask me how my girlfriend is, ask me how I first knew, tell me your personal take on homosexuality. But don’t fucking talk to me just to tell me how you disapprove of my choices and how I should live it according to your own opinions.  
These past few days, the topic of my sexual orientation has been coming up a lot more lately. Whether it’s at home, with family, at work, everywhere. 
My mom found out. I lied my fucking ass off just so that I could live under this roof. I took the cowardice route in comparison to some who have had it so much worse and I applaud every single one of those people. It is one of the most terrifying and lost moments when you are found out beyond your own preparation. 
I am not asking for anyone’s approval or opinion on how I am, I am asking for absolutely nothing, in fact. 
People don’t choose to be a certain way only to be shunned, disowned, beaten, stared at, made fun of, and avoided. People are gay, get over it. 
For those that don’t understand- that don’t understand why any homosexual person would ever put themselves through all the judgement and caution and stares and disapproval, you obviously don’t understand anything about love. 

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my new favorite model at the moment : park sung jin or sung jin park to you non-korean folk. also happens to be korean (and tattooed. be still my heart). probably one of the hottest models right now and walked a slew of runways, in a bunch of magazines and just looking fly as hell doing his thang.  

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